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Originally Posted by HillRider View Post
Or they charge higher prices and that "decent wage" doesn't buy any more than the lower wage used to.
THIS is what I'm talking about: Life in the '60's and '70's, before globalization and what I call "Walmartization: the destruction of a healthy local economy where the money stayed nearby, in favor of a sickly economy where profits are extracted and moved elsewhere to the detriment of the many, to enrich a tiny minority". When damn near everything anyone bought in America was made in America, when a pair of Levi's was easily $50, my father worked for Delta as a fuel and oil pump mechanic. He was making $30,000/yr at that time, which is roughly equivalent to nearly $100K now. My family enjoyed a high standard of living, everyone went to college and mom didn't even have to work. My father was not a college graduate, either. Try making $100K as a mechanic now! We enjoyed family flight privileges, too. It was better when we all payed more, and profits of all the locals was higher. Now, the margins are razor sharp, and no one but the top of the top are getting to keep much for themselves. The DOW continues to soar, but that isn't doing us down here in worker-ville any favors.....

Food for thought!
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