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Originally Posted by tractorlegs View Post
I think the opposite. I want to be bright enough on both the front and the rear so that tomb drivers are not blinded, but don't know what I am. In my experience, if they don't know you're a bicycle/bicyclist when they first see you they are more careful. As far as they're concerned, it may be a car with one headlight burned out, or a motorcycle, and they respond differently. I wouldn't want them to know (at first, anyway) that I'm just a guy on a bike.
In the city where I live there is a high risk of vehicles pulling out from side roads right into my path or just whacking me on the side.

For my case blinkers are not enough, because the short break between "blinks" is long enough to make an impatient driver decide that there's no one there and pull out. So a solid light, in addition to a blinker, is necessary to get attention.

Trouble is with all the street lights and lit up shops even solid lights aren't easy to identify. This is why I illuminate myself. Since the illuminating light I use is red I appear as a glowing red moving thing. It seems to work well as I can see that drivers notice me earlier on my approach compared to before.

In city environments side on collision is more of a risk. Maybe where you are the risks are different. Lighting should be customized to the environment I think.
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