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As another person said, I think these were Gary Fishers with Cinelli stickers, though the tubing makes it interesting. If it had campy MTB parts that would be a whole different ball park, but as it sits, I would be conservative about adding a lot of value for the italian'ness/weirdness of it. It's really hard to give you a number since I haven't seen many of these sell - I've seen a few at high numbers sit on eBay, but I haven't seen many actual sales.

If I were buying as a flip - I'm not even sure I would at anything over parts value given how MTBs tend to sit. If I were buying for me, I think I'd hold out for something less "interesting" and something more outright HAWT, like an MB-1, a Chance, etc.

There is no way in hell I'd go in at anything near his asking price, but that's me. If the Cinelli stickers really do something for you, pay what it's worth to you.
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