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Originally Posted by Moyene Corniche View Post
Hmmm... (1st) Are you implementing a warmup time period when you ride ? (2) Are you equally implementing a cool down period at the end of your ride ??
Not including either results in over stressing your muscles before they have a chance to warm up and the latter means that you are not eliminating lactic acid upon completion of your rides...
For example if your ride is 2 hours long, then 15 minutes warm up and 15 minute cool down period should be part of each and every ride...

Additionally what is your hydration level off the bike... If you don't drink water all day then you are dehydrated. You cannot make up for it on the bike... Alcoholic intake is also a dehydrating factor as well as caffeine intake...

It also sounds like you are practicing Hammer-Fests each time you ride. That is not training for fitness but rather overtraining for deficit...
Work wise do you sit at a desk all day ?? If Yes than right there since you commute to work, by sitting you are restricting / constricting blood flow at the most critical time when your muscles are attempting to replenish themselves...

It also sounds like you ride too much, not enough rest period, not enough Piano riding....
Once overtrained, which sounds like your predicament, your muscles do not have a chance to recoup and thus being in a constant state of depletion, they fail and lock up, which is what cramping is about....
Well, thanks for the advice that I didn't ask for. You've read a great deal into my post that I didn't say, and ignored some of the things I did say. I'd be more interested in your advice if I was looking for some and if you displayed some better reading comprehension skills.
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