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Hey -

I almost never use a dynafile on fillets. It's just to easy to eff things up. If I'm doing some really large and open area I might but I always 'break' the belt before use. By this I mean I install a 1/4" belt and then use my fingers to fold the belt over the narrow wheel it runs on so that the profile of the belt is no longer flat and square but instead has a soft curve. This keeps the edge of the belt from digging on and making the curved fillet a series of short flats and corners.

That said I use a dynafile so rarely on fillets even talking about it makes too much of it. I didn't use one on the bike pictured, the bike before it or any that gives you a better idea of how it's usually done.

I do a bit of file work on the parts that need it but 90% of the work is with emery cloth and nothing else.

Thanks for asking.

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