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The only regular ab exercises I do are sit-ups. I pretty much don't own any exercise equipment.

Pull-ups only seem to work my arms and stress my shoulder joints. How are you getting abdominal stimulation?

Wikipedia indicates that an "exercise ball" works better but I don't know how to do that.

I seem to recall a horrible device with a volleyball on a rope, which some girl was flailing around whilst on her back in the martial arts dojo at which I had studied... fifteen seconds of that was enough to make me feel like I got stabbed for a day or so. I think it acted like a counter-weight or something, and you need to use core strength to stabilize yourself--and the movements required were rapid, i.e. aerobic core exercises. I'm not sure if that targets the rectus abdominus, or if it just targets the obliques.

I also looked at NMES systems for a different purpose, but you need the muscle actually there before those do anything useful (they won't build muscle or burn fat, and getting any real use out of them involves pain).
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