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Time for a new trainer

Last week my 14-yr old, loud Nashbar magnetic trainer gave out. So it's time for a new on. I used my previous trainer set up primarily for recovery rides and clothes hanger. However I'd like to think I will use the trainer this more often it were not so overwhelmingly loud. Riding a trainer is difficult as it is, but the sound this thing made, made it a nightmare for my dog, neighbors and myself.

My set up.
I have a bock in the form of an old Calculus and an organic chemistry books to achieve the perfect height for my front wheel.
A green Yoga mat that catches my water spills and sweat.
A single speed Motobecane Cross bike that is a hair too small and has really bad brakes and wheels.
54 inch TV w/remote.
21 inch Imac
Comcast internet and Cable.
I also have a 14 year old high speed fan. This will also be replaced.

So I'm looking for a quieter more realistic ride. A few have caught my eye but I'm confused on the various option priced between $300 and $500.

Here are my initial contenders
CycleOps Fluid 2 - $359

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine - $349

Does the Rock n roll make it better? What about the Various CycleOps What is the difference between the JetFluid PRO and the Fluid2?

Are CycleOps and Kinetic the only brands I should be considering? I saw a Taxc but it was fairly expensive at ~$1,000. I'm not finding many review of these items. So any comment are welcome. Just want to avoid any pitfalls this time.

Am I right to assume I cant really go wrong between these 2 items.

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