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Long Distance nutrition. Electrolytes, Energy, Snacks and more.

(I did do a search on here for electrolytes and there is sufficient posts, so after reading them I would like to start a new thread)

I ant to start taking nutrition and supplements a bit more serious now, as I plan to start fitting in 100 miles a week +.

The last ride I was on a friend introduced me to HI5 zero or some other energy supplement (I am waiting for him to give me specifics).

Hydration and food is important, but after reading about electrolytes and other essentials it seems like there is a lot more to consider than just water and a tasty flapjack.

Would it suffice to simply place 2 electrolyte pills in a water bottle each time. And munch on raisins, dried fruit, nuts and energy bars lets say during a 75 mile ride.

What are the main supplements I should look at?

Can I get the essentials that any supplement will give me from food alone?

Or is it a must that you must use these supplements for such factors as electrolytes and the others.

After 35 miles I didn't feel a flinch, and these were some tough roads!

Even all the way to the end of the 75 miles I could have still gone for more, and the only supplements as such that I had was these HI5 tablets.

Advice welcome.
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