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When it's hot and you're drinking a lot of water, yes, you have to have electrolytes. I use Endurolytes. People don't normally need to take electrolytes, but they're not exercising hard in the heat for hours.

Everyone uses a different amount. You have to find what's right for you. I take enough so that I'm slightly thirsty even though I'm drinking enough so that I have to pee every 2-3 hours. No pee, more electrolytes and water. More pee, less of the same.

The standard for on the bike nutrition is 200-250 calories/hour for rides over 3 hours. Which means on the long ride you start eating like that right from the start, not after 3 hours. You can eat or drink anything you like. There are a zillion options. You have to ask other riders in your area and experiment on yourself to find what you like and can tolerate. There have been on-the-bike food threads on this forum and on the long distance forum. Probably on the road bike forum, too.
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