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Salted almonds will give you both calories (energy) and electrolytes.

A combination of beef jerky or potato chips and orange juice will do the same.

So you can get your electrolytes from food, and eating these foods while riding (or on breaks) will work ... to a point.

If you're doing a 75 mile ride on a mild day, they should be just fine. But if you're thinking of doing long distances, and especially if you're doing long distances on hot days, you'll probably want the electrolyte pills.

Note that electrolytes are simply minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and chloride. These minerals don't provide energy, but they do keep things in balance. If you consume electrolytes, you have a significantly reduced chance of suffering from hyponatraemia and you will also have a reduced chance of nausea and stomach issues on a long ride.
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