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Weird allergic reaction to Ortleibs.

I've been riding around with a full complement of touring stuff for a couple of months, including clothes, keeping changes of clothing in them.

Took me a while to make the connection, only just came to the full realization today in fact, but if I leave clothes packed in them I get a burning sensation at pressure points (waistband underneath the belt, tops of socks, inside shoes etc...) when I wear them.

Well, hey, its a good thing that I keep a spare change of clothes at work and that the relief is pretty quick after changing or this woulda been a loooong day indeed

Clearly there must be some volatile chemical or coating seeping from the rubberized fabric.

I would expect sooner or later the "new" will wear off and any volatile subtances will have disspated. I have never washed them since I bought them, would a regular machine washing/hang to dry work?

Any other advice would be much appreciated.

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