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Which kind of panniers do you have? The roller- varieties have PVC coatings, while the packer- varieties have Polyurethane coatings. PVC allergies have been documented and that may be what's occurring. I couldn't find any documented cases of Polyurethane allergies, but some of the chemical precursors to polyurethane are irritants and if there are any residues from manufacturing, that could cause your symptoms.

But before you toss your panniers, make sure that they are actually the cause of the problem. Have you had these problems with these clothes on the bike when they've been freshly washed and haven't sat in your panniers? Some of the symptoms you describe sometimes happen just from sweaty clothes rubbing against your skin. Also, does the length of time in the panniers affect the severity? If it is caused by the panniers, I'd expect that it would be worse if they had been in there for a full day as opposed to half an hour, and I'd also expect that it would be worse if the pannier is sitting in the sun and heating up than if the pannier were kept cool.
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