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Originally Posted by gorshkov View Post
Which kind of panniers do you have? The roller- varieties have PVC coatings, while the packer- varieties have Polyurethane coatings. PVC allergies have been documented and that may be what's occurring. Also, does the length of time in the panniers affect the severity? If it is caused by the panniers, I'd expect that it would be worse if they had been in there for a full day as opposed to half an hour, and I'd also expect that it would be worse if the pannier is sitting in the sun and heating up than if the pannier were kept cool.
Thanks for the informative replies, I was thinking I must be the only one who had experienced this.

The situation is I had loaded up the panniers as if I was touring to train that way and once in a while needed the clothes I had packed. I had come to the conclusion the Ortleibs were a problem a couple of weeks back but forgot that this morning when I needed to grab stuff in the morning rush. The symptoms may not always appear for some hours but are definitely a problem when they occur, and quite unlike anything I have experienced before, including on long rides.

I am quite certain the panniers are the problem. The clothes in question had been left in there for weeks,

Anyways the rear panniers are packers and the front are rollers. It is indeed the front PVC ones that are the problem.

I'm thinking it couldn't hurt to fill them with hot soapy water, leave them sit for some hours, rinse them out and then let them dry in our already hot sun down here.


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