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True, there can be tons of variability and surprises waiting. I'm just wondering as a general guideline from those who might know this bike and these components, if after 5000 miles of (average) riding, whether the lifespan of _____ component suggests it's probably on its last legs, of if I likely (hopefully) have another 5000+ miles in it. Like, what if anything is likely to fail on me soon with this usage (assuming newer tires and chain at least)? I'm just not familiar enough to know how long these things last (if hopefully not abused). Obviously, if when I see it and ride it, I find rubs or cracks or things are not quite working right, then that can tell me a bit right there.

As for the overall price, maybe a better question is this... at what price would you brag to your buddies about the great deal you got, and at what price would you be embarrassed to tell them how you got taken?
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