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Originally Posted by pdlamb View Post
I made it across the country on a Randonee, so it'll work for touring. Make sure the mechanics know what you're planning for it and work the wheels over; by default they're the standar machine built wheels, and will likely start breaking spokes. (That's true for any production bike, IME.)

I have a Fuji Touring from way back when; my perception is that it's a little bit lighter and sportier/twitchier than the Randonee. I prefer the Fuji for light / fast riding, but the Randonee for riding with a load. The Trek 520 I test rode seemed to me to be more like the Fuji, and the LHT was on heavy side of the Randonee. Try them yourself if at all possible, YMMV.

You might have to extend your search radius; I ended up calling all the Trek and Cannondale dealers within about 4 hours' drive to find the second nearest REI had a Cannondale Touring bike (back in 2006, IIRC). When I got there I decided I liked the Randonee better. Go figure!

Originally Posted by robert schlatte View Post
When I was in the market for a touring bike last summer, one of the frames I considered was a Gunnar Grand Tour. On their website, they have a pretty cool fit tool under "My Gunnar." I was reasonably comfortable on my existing bike so I used its measurements to plug into the fit tool with some modifications. Over the course of week or so, I tried all different options and eventually came up with a frame size, stem length, angle, spacer, etc. that I thought I would be comfortable with. I ended up with a Soma Saga which had a similar geometry to the Grand Tour and built it largely with the data I determined on the bike fit tool. I am really happy with the bike I ended up with. Obviously, there is a little guess work and assumptions that go into it.
Cool.. I will check out the tool on their site.. Thanks for the info as well!
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