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You know its a great week when...

... the opportunity to buy a mid 70s Masi Gran Criterium presents itself to you..... Twice.

These bikes also present a fun juxtaposed look at a different bicyle buying scenarios.

Sunday morning at Velofest I spied the Blue '75, I left it, despite the reasonable price tag, to continue unpacking my own stuff. Towards the end of the day, I was able to get a bit of shopping in. To my surprise, it was still sitting there where id seen it in the morning. We chatted about it, He was the original owner, raced it bitd, and then hung it in the basement until now. It had its original paint and most of its parts, he bent the front rim and relaced it with a fiamme red label instead of the Martano. The date on the rear der is earlier, though he doesn't recall ever replacing it. I loved it, we made a deal.

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