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Originally Posted by bikemig View Post
Honestly, I don't think you should be that fixated on all the numbers you threw out there. There are plenty of good ways of designing a frame that may not meet all those requirements. I'd focus more on the stated goal of your N plus 1 (sports or light touring).
I agree. I would also say the same about steel versus aluminum. Real talk: steel at the price point you're looking at does NOT ride well. It just doesn't! I've had an LHT, and I currently own a Cross-Check. They're great, well-built bikes and perform at a very good price point. And they both ride like bricks, because frames at those price points are commodity products built with thick-walled tubing. If you can't consider a higher-end frame like a Gunnar or better, you aren't going to get a better ride with steel than you would with aluminum. What you definitely can get with aluminum is a lighter bike, very likely with no penalty at all in ride quality, in fact, probably level odds on the ride actually being better. So I would expand your search and try and let go of your prejudices a bit. Find the bike that makes the most sense for what you want. Not on the numbers, not on the frame material. Just what frame fittings, what parts spec, what price and what fit seems like the best combination. That's how you end up with a good bike.You think you have the numbers all figured out, but trust me: you don't.
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