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Originally Posted by Chris Pringle View Post
I would suggest to check out the All City Space Horse. Just get a light 700cx28 set of tires for it. I doubt, however, that you will save lots of weight, unless you go with a proper road bike spec'd with light components.

For a lot less money, another solution is to look closely into some of the heavy parts that make up your Disc Trucker. I am assuming your Disc Trucker already fits you well. You could easily get it under 25 lb. which will make it more suitable and interesting for century rides. Most of these you can buy used on eBay:

1. Get a very light wheelset with light tires and tubes. Just swap into the heavier, heavy-duty wheelset for touring
2. Lighter Crankset - You could switch into a compact crankset for long distance events with 11-28 or 11-32 cassette
3. Light pedals, light saddle, carbon seat post
4. Remove extra accessories like rack(s) and possibly fenders

Switching back and forth between a "rando" (long distance) set up and touring set up should take you about an hour. It's very likely that you'll use the rando set-up for the most part.
Chris, I would mention that a few years back I looked into lightening up my Tricross. In the end I realized that lighter wheels would cost X amount and the weight loss for me wasnt worth the money spent. For a long days ride on an organized trip, about 140k, I thought of taking off the rack, rear fender, but in the end I just couldnt be bothered to save the few pounds cuz I knew I'd want to have it on the next day--so basically I was just too lazy to do all that stuff, and personally couldnt see myself mucking about with other stuff as well like you mentioned.

*I too wouldnt discount an alu frame, especially with 28s run at less than max pressures.
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