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Originally Posted by GeorgeBMac View Post
I don't think that there IS any one way 'to tell' if you are consuming enough of the "right" stuff (whatever that is....) Especially if you are simply looking at how you feel after a ride. So much depends on other variables such as metabolism and burn rate as well as simple strength -- as well as general nutrition status and cardio-pulmonary capacity and conditioning...

Perhaps you would benefit by measuring your intake objectively using a phone-app like you use to measure your performance via Strava.

I use "MyNetDiary" to track my intake of macro and micro nutrients on a daily basis (and there are several other good apps out there as well). That not only gives me an objective comparison of what I am taking in to the RDA's (or other measures that I set in the app) on a daily, weekly and monthly basis -- but it also makes me more conscious of what I take in immediately prior, during and after a ride...

I then can compare my intake to the burn recorded on Strava and another app that I use to record my exercise (Digifit -- which also measures and records other exercise such as resistance training and treadmill work)...

For myself, recording my nutrient intake was eye opening -- I found I was getting a lot more of some stuff while being deficient in other stuff (Vitamins D, E & K for example, were surprises -- I was taking in only about 20% of the RDA for each of them...)

Fitness and health are mostly a combination of both nutrition and exercise. Many on this forum closely track our exercise but then leave nutrition (which is equally important to health and well being) to the grey fog of assuming and guessing. Most simply say: "I eat this way" or "follow 'this' diet" --without having any real knowledge if they are actually getting enough of the specific macro and micro nutrients...

But, tracking your input is a lot of work -and its not a lot of fun. But it can produce a big pay-back for the effort.
... Don't guess! Don't assume! Measure It!

Thanks for expanding on what I had already suggested. Glad someone agrees.

The only thing I would add to that, and also add for yourself, is research some vitamins and nutrients a little closer. RDA's are crap (for lack of a better word). For example, the RDA of Vitamin D for someone male or female 19-50 years old is about 600 IU's. MANY studies have shown that an effective dose for that demo is at least 2000 IU. So if you're 20% of the RDA, you're likely plain ol' deficient in a lot of areas.

Most OTC multi-vitamins are just loaded with B vitamins, and the dosages are hardly consistent. A new to market multi-vitamin geared towards athletes and high level activity individuals (cyclists) is the Citadel Nutrition Athlete Vitamin. It's up on our site, and has proven dosages for Vitamin D, K, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc. Worth checking out.
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