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Originally Posted by El Cid View Post
So over the Easter weekend, I decided to bike from Waterloo, ON, to Sarnia. The ride is about 200km (130 miles), and took most of the day. I felt pretty good, and did the same thing going home. The trip home was actually much faster -- I realized that I could push harder and take hours off the trip (on the way there I was saving my energy, not knowing how long I'd be riding or weather I'd totally crash).

Sunday night I went to bed feeling tired, but not too bad. Then monday morning I got up to go swimming in the morning and realized my right knee really, really friggin' hurt! At first I didn't associate it with the ride; I assumed I must have hurt my knee some other way.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I just got back from a visit to a sports medicine clinic. The doctor told me I was lucky it wasn't far worse -- apparently it's a bad idea to go from zero to century in a weekend. So now I have an appointment for a proper bike fitting, and a specific plan for building back up to long distance riding.

My vacation I was planning is going to be cancelled now, and I won't be doing it until next year. I guess that's better than being stuck in Arizona, calling for help with a loaded bike permanently messed up knee.
Too often muscle & tendon issues are confused with more structural bone & cartilage issues -- and the orthopedists do not help the situation. Did he take X-Rays or an MRI to find out just what was causing the pain -- or was he guessing?
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