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Originally Posted by BigAura View Post
I knew you had to be generally fit, otherwise you could never have done it. Too bad you're 37 because the healing process will take longer than if you were 20. Especially when it comes to recovery, aging is a bitter pill. I and many others have fallen into the trap of being fit and then over-extending using activity-specific body parts. Anyhow, feel better and heal well.
Yeah, I knew I could handle eight hours or more of exertion. I just didn't stop to think I might overdo it on one knee. The pain only lasted about a week though; seeing a doctor wasn't about diagnosing an injury so much as getting some direction for a training program so I don't do this again.

I have this sinking feeling that I'll be stuck here for life, never able to do a truly long distance ride because I have a knee that always complains. I hope not.
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