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Originally Posted by El Cid View Post
Yeah, I knew I could handle eight hours or more of exertion. I just didn't stop to think I might overdo it on one knee. The pain only lasted about a week though; seeing a doctor wasn't about diagnosing an injury so much as getting some direction for a training program so I don't do this again.

I have this sinking feeling that I'll be stuck here for life, never able to do a truly long distance ride because I have a knee that always complains. I hope not.
I over stressed something in my knee last fall -- actually something about 2 inches below the knee and to the inside...

I ended up with PT where they focused on stretching and strengthening. Both the stretches and strengthening exercises are done on a mat and work all for sides of both thighs. The stretching is done with a towel or band to pull the leg up, then stretched over to the right then over to the left and finally on my belly to pull the foot up to my butt and stretch the frontal quads. The strengthening is done using 30 reps on each of the four sides using ankle weights while I lift the leg 30 reps in each of the four directions.

Haven't had even a twinge since...
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