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Originally Posted by prathmann View Post
The Sierra Designs Lightning-2:
Sierra Designs Lightning 2 (2014) 3-Season Backpacking Tent | Reviews
looks like a pretty close fit to your specifications. When you say "loads space 2 person" does that mean lots of space with two pretty big people in it or that you want a nominal 2-person tent to have loads of space for yourself and gear? This one will fit two, but won't have all that much room left over.

I'm leaving on a bike tour in a couple days using my 21 year old Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight. Haven't used the Lightning model personally, but have liked their tents in general (both mine and those of others).

I have both the Sierra Design Lightning 2 and the Clip Flashlight. The Clip Flashlight is pretty small for 2 people, but we have used it quite a bit. The new model Lightning is quite a bit different than our older model. I think I like the features of the older design better than their 2014 model.

The Lightning 2 is a great tent and it actually replaced the Clip Flashlight for bike tours about 8 years ago. The L2 is roomy and durable. It is a 3-season+ tent and we use it for bike touring, ski touring and backpacking. We also have a Sierra Designs 4 season tent that is bomb proof for winter and climbing trips.

The green tent is the Clip Flashlight, the yellow is the Lightning 2. We use both tents when my wife and I do our traditional annual tour with our 2 daughters. The L2 weighs right at 2 kg., is spacious enough for 2, and has a nice vestibule to cover gear etc.

Lightning 2 without rainfly.

With rainfly. We've used it a lot outside the "3-season" window.

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