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I'm glad i stumbled into this thread. My wife and I are looking to do some bikepacking this year. Big question, On the above models discussed. What is the actual 'pack size'. I always seem to find on that seems to meet my requirements and then the actual pack size is ridiculous, as well as the weight. So with the models you mention. Are the specs the "actual pack size'? that's another annoying thing i find. A claimed pack size and unless you are lugging around a vacusealer kit, forget it...damn thing fit in the box, once.
Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight
What's the actual size on the
Nemo Morpho tent? And airbeams sound like a good idea!
The Sierra Designs Lightning-2? size?

I have a Eureka now that works great for our backpacking and state park hopping by car but it is a load even for backpacking, durable and heavily weatherproof. But it's not going anywhere on my bike unless i pull it in a trailer, and i would also prefer to go with a lighter weight as described above.

I should mention when i am by myself. I use a hammocks, slap straps, and mosquito net with a small tarp and rope to place over me. it works.

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