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I have never done a real race over 6 hours so take my experience with a pinch of sodium chloride. Even the District Championships were only like around 100 miles. But have done a double in under 10 hours solo and a 300k in under 9 hours in a fast group which is fairly brisk even with a strong group.

Little potatoes with sea salt are good. Ensure is quick and easy.

You don't want to puke on rides like this.

The carbs are best loaded in the days leading up to the event.

The morning of the ride/race is really just to replace any glycogen and fluids lost during sleep.

Eat Maltodextrin/fructose mixtures on the bike either in the bottle or gels for "relatively" short rides of 6 hours. For really long rides, most people crave real food at some point. You have to learn how much you can tolerate adn when....probably 200-500 cal/hour depending on your size, the temperature outside, and the intensity level of the race. If the pace is slow and no climbs are coming up, I might down the upper range but if a big climb is coming, I cut back.

Go out on a hard 6 hour training ride and digently eat 300 cals per hour on average. See how it goes. I am amazed at how little some people eat on long rides and they do fine. You have to find your limits.

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