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Bicycle Laws and Safety

My name is Joseph. I ride a Bianchi road bike, approximate year, early 1980's. I've been riding for decades, probably more on a bicycle than a car. I live in Pinellas county, Florida. It has one of the worst bicycle fatality rates in the entire United States. Florida as a whole also has one of the worst bicycle fatality rates in the U.S.A. Recently, there has been an increase in bicycle/car collisions, and people are dying for no good reason. I posted something on facebook, and I thought I would share it here. Most people don't actually know this, and I am certain many don't really care. In my opinion, many drivers of cars think that bicycles don't belong on the road "sharing" the streets with them. Here is the question and answer that I would like to share, and if you would pass this along to everyone, and ask them to do so also. I am sure there are a lot of people here, that have experienced some road rage over this issue. I would even like to promote t-shirts with this commonly unknown statute of the law.
Here is my facebook post. Please feel free to copy and paste this, if you like.
??? What is the minimum legal distance the driver of a car must maintain between their vehicle and the bicyclist? Regardless of road width and traffic conditions, it is a minimum of 3 feet. Pass this on. It may save a bicyclists life or serious injury. Florida statute --- s. 316.083 Overtaking and Passing A Vehicle
(1) . The driver of a vehicle overtaking a bicycle or other nonmotorized vehicle must pass the bicycle or other nonmotorized vehicle at a safe distance of not less than 3 feet between the vehicle and the bicycle or other nonmotorized vehicle. ---------------------- Chapter 316 Section 083 - 2011 Florida Statutes - The Florida Senate ------- PLEASE SHARE THIS *** If you ride a bicycle, or you know someone who does, this could be you, or them. Pray for bicyclists who share the road with cars
Thanks, and be safe !
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