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What make and model bike are you riding now? Is is one of the mass-merchandiser bikes? It's not normal for "gears to wear out" on a decent bike for many thousands of miles. If you perform normal maintenance on the bike, including lubricating he chain, the drive train parts should last for a long time.

There was a recent question on replacing chains and I asked several fellow riders about who had replaced their chain. Nobody had replaced a chain. Their mileage was all over 5,000 miles and one was nearing 10K. You can bet they haven't changed out chain rings or cassettes either. That's my experience too. When I eventually do replace the chain, I also replace the cassette.

Don't expect anyone here to tell you what bike to buy. They can give suggestions but nothing is better than you actually trying out a bunch of bikes before you make the choice. If you buy a road bike it will usually have a higher gear range than an MTB. Road bikes usually have narrower, higher pressure tires so they go faster but may give you a bit harsher ride on rough roads. There's always a trade off.
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