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tough one, average person is not a mechanic. and i already have enough problems convincing people that tires need air in them.

successful drivetrain sell the other day tho. cogs worn to the point of missing teeth !! make a clear case

thoughts .
there are 4 situations I run into
1. chain is worn slightly, drivetrain runs fine, replace chain is prudent as further wear will compromise cogs

2. chain and cogs are badly worn, no drivetrain symptoms yet, new chain will def slip on old cogs

3. same as 2. except drivetrain has skipping issues

4. chain is broken (various cause) but cogs are worn such that a replacement chain will slip

3 is easy, no one disagrees with evaluation when the bike is already 'broken'

1 I'll recommend preventative replacement chain, but no pressure if they aren't convinced, remember a full replacement 6 months from now will actually net more profit

2 same logic as above, further wear will lead to obvious skipping which then does the convincing for me

4 is the only time the case when wear mismatch needs to really be stressed. I'll make the detailed explanation, if they think I'm trying to con them into 'unnecessary' cogs I'll invite them to save their money and sell them a chain for a DIY install; don't get blamed when it slips

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