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Here ya go:

Originally Posted by ggia View Post
Review of ďMenís Riverside SchwinnĒ Model S5368KMA.

Ride feel: Very good

Defects: Headset and rear wheel bearings over tightened. Derailleur could not be adjusted to engage high gear.

Comments: A replacement derailleur of higher quality did engage the high gear. SRAM 7-speed grip-shift twist shifter was stiff and worked poorly with the replacement derailleur. I replaced the SRAM shifter with a 1980s-style friction shifter.

On-line complaints about chain and shifting problems might be related to the defective derailleurs and might explain why the bicycle has gone into deep discount. Buying an assembled bicycle from K-Mart, Toy Circus, Sears, or WM is a crap shoot. I am an old, amateur bicycle mechanic with basic bicycle tools and spare parts, and I spent six happy hours fixing my Riverside Schwinn.

Canít make the bicycle right by yourself? If your local bike shop agrees to fix your new Schwinn, then expect to pay $75 to $100 in addition to what you paid for the bicycle. Remember that there are no Federal or state-level bicycle mechanic certifications or licensure requirements so ask hard questions first, no matter who agrees to do the work. Alternately, compare the cost of similar new bicycles at your local bike shops or higher-end sporting goods stores, specifically those that have in-house bicycle mechanics who you can talk to. The extra $100 might be worth it in the long run.

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