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OP - I responded to your "visitor message." I assume since you only have two posts you weren't able to send me a PM.

Originally Posted by SkyDog75 View Post
Agreed on the price. But in regards to size, I'm just a hair shy of 5'10" and my 53 cm 'cross bike is almost too big for me. The top tube length is fine, but it's sporting the old school "fistful of seatpost" look. It's not a Trek XO-2, however, so you'd know that particular bike better than me. I'd say it's worth a look and a test ride to check the size.
You bring up a good point, I think 'cross bikes fit larger. I'm 5'9" and my 54cm XO2 is on the large side as well. I would probably fit better on a 53 or maybe even a 52. I ride a 55cm road bike though.
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