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Originally Posted by jin_yeugh View Post
Your shifter cable runs on the outside of the shifter, so any kinks or cracks your housing may have should be apparent even with the shifters off the bars. If they were routed under the bar tape, I'd say change the cables and housing. These are old shifters so you might want to do that regardless, just to start with a clean slate for troubleshooting.

I would try flushing the shifters with a degreaser, rinsing with water, thoroughly dry them, them generously lube them. You might also look at the assembly of the shifter, with it removed from the bars, and look for any debris stuck in there. The shift lever not moving independent of the brake lever sounds like there might be an obstruction of some kind in the levers.
That's about what I've done, but somehow things are still gummed up, I guess. Replaced the cable housing, cleaned with solvent, cleaned with water, lubed with Triflow.

It's worse than ever now.

There's no evidence of a crack, upon close inspection. I'll try cleaning again.
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