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That is a good question -- but that does not mean that it has a good answer...

Sodium in your body needs to stay within a range of 135-145. When you lose a lot of fluids through any means (be it sweat or diarrhea) you tend to lose electrolytes such as sodium along with the fluids. So, the answer is: "replace the electrolytes you lost through sweat -- but only if you need to". I suspect that the amount you need to replace is far smaller than what you probably think it is... Plus, your body has multiple means of maintaining that balance for you. And, your body will use the good nutrition you take after the ride to replenish any discrepancy from that optimum 135-145 range anyway.

So, I would advise to sip the GatorAid slowly and with caution (if at all) and focus mostly on taking in simple water to replace the fluids. If you are sweating a LOT, yes, a little GatorAid might help. But don't use it as an energy drink.


You will find that it is a journey rather than a destination. And the journey has many twists and turns and blind corners. But, the journey has its own rewards -- both immediate and long term ones...

Keep us posted on how your diet and exercise affect those things that are easily measured (like your blood pressure).

And, again, Best of Luck to You!
... And may the wind always be at your back...
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