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I can tell you what I do when I ride long distance: pretty much what George said. Details: I don't like to mix my food, hydration, and electrolytes. I like to have each of these as separate as I can manage, so I can control the amount of each as necessary. I use a liquid food which delivers 40mg sodium/hour at a 250 cal./hr. consumption rate. Pretty hard to find a food with no sodium, but that is quite low. Besides the liquid food, I drink plain water, and supplement electrolytes using Hammer Nutrition's Endurolytes, which contain 40mg sodium/capsule. I usually take 1 capsule/hour on long rides, or up to 3/hour in extremely hot conditions, but that's very rare for me.

Hammer also makes a sports drink called HEED that delivers 40mg sodium/100 calories, so with a 200 cal./bottle mix, that'd be about the same sodium that I usually get per hour. You don't need to replace the sodium lost during the ride. Eating after the ride will take care of it. In general, I like to take in enough sodium so that I'm thirsty enough to make myself drink enough water so that I pee every 2-3 hours, no more. That seems a bit convoluted, but it works for both electrolytes and hydration.

I'm don't have BP problems, so I'm not specifically trying for a low sodium diet. However, since I eat mostly plant based natural foods, it's easy for me to actually get too little sodium and have to work at it a little to get enough.

One Clif bar contains 170 mg sodium.
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