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Today I almost got T-boned by an old lady while I was on my way to the bank.

The light had just changed I was clipping in my left foot (my right is always in) while crossing the intersection. She ran the light from my left and missed me by about two feet, completely oblivious the whole time. I had seen traffic coming to a stop when the light changed and was focused on an oncoming driver who was signaling to make the left so I didn't see that she didn't stop. I noticed her only a few feet a way, resisted hard on the pedals and turned my wheel hard right; she couldn't have been more than a foot from where the edge of my front wheel was.

In hindsight I should've remained focused on the stopping traffic from my left because there was more time to avoid the on coming left turner if he became an issue. Also, if I had been looking at my foot while I was clipping in there's no way I would've been able to react in time and she would've nailed me. So another good reminder to never do that.
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