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Originally Posted by carnivroar View Post
Salt does NOT cause hypertension.

Salt may aggravate the problem but it is NOT the cause.

Cut the problem by the root. Sugar and excess carbs (among other unhealthy habits, of course) are what causes high-blood pressure.

It is well documented that salt excretion is highly optimized on a low-carb diet. SOURCE.
Well, sorta true...

Salt is not the ONLY trigger for hypertension. But, high sodium intake increases fluid volume -- and an increase in fluid volume in a closed system increases pressure. Conversely, losing volume (say from profuse bleeding) decreases volume and blood pressure (but that method for reducing blood pressure is not generally recommended).

In our culture, about the only way to maintain a low sodium diet is to eat non-processed foods. That is: food as it came from nature. But then you gotta "process" it yourself -- and cooking takes time and is quickly becoming a lost art.

As for increased carbs causing high blood pressure: I increased my carbs to 70% of calories and my unmedicated blood pressure dropped from above 160/90 to below 120/70.
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