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Originally Posted by JohnDThompson View Post
Bummer. I haven't needed to even turn on the AC yet...

I've used compressed air to blow out plugs in my dehumidifier condensate drain, though. Do you have access to a compressor or a pump with a fitting that can go into the drain hose?
Yeah, it's already in the 90s here and there is a lot of condensate water to drain out. The drain of which I speak is the black iron pipe that goes down through the floor slab and then horizontally out to the sewer line. The blockage is beyond the vertical section, which I've probed with a cleanout snake to no avail. It's also located in a closet behind a gas water heater, making it very hard to reach. I'm hoping the plumber will be able to figure it out. My greatest fear is that the pipe has rusted out beneath the floor slab and filled with sediment in which case the solution will be very difficult and costly. I'm waiting to temps to drop a bit, so that I can take a quick trip to the Kroger and return before the pipe overflows and spills onto the floor and into the carpet.
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I'd like to think i have as much money as brains.
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