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Originally Posted by CarinusMalmari View Post
...the body is evolved to withstand accidents associated with running around on a Savannah, say at speeds of up to 20something km/h...
Primitive man lived in an organic world with plenty of ways to get hurt for sure. We live in an artificial world with concrete curbs, steel bumpers, and an incredible concentration of fast-moving, heavy objects swirling all around us. Added to that we are balancing (precariously for some) on two wheels over variable surfaces and all but recumbent riders and very casual riders find their heads further from the ground than when they are on foot.

So jogging or running across the Savannah and taking a fall is pretty benign. Our big round heads were designed for thinking, not for taking much of a physical beating. Woodpeckers (bird) heads are designed for taking a beating for instance. And they don't need to do much thinking.

Kinda apples and oranges. Just for the sake of argument (and staying in compliance with this silly thread) I don't see much of a connection.

If you are at all interested in woodpeckers skulls:

"The four major safety features of the woodpecker have been utilized in the design of new high impact products including crash helmets and flight data recorders."

More on how woodpeckers survive 1200g 20 times a second when 50g just once would just about kill a human.

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