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Originally Posted by CarinusMalmari View Post
Yes, and the lot of you happily ignore that, judging from all the "A Helmet Saved My Life" stories, that describe accidents that most likely wouldn't have had a bad outcome regardless of whether the accidentee was donning a helmet or not. ...
The "A Helmet Save My Life" crowd is who you are calling helmet advocates? I think you'll find that most of those are noobs who tend to wander in, post their anecdotes and never bother to return. They are not what I'd call a strong voice of advocacy.

Originally Posted by CarinusMalmari View Post
Perhaps, the difference is that I don't bother random people with my (arguably somewhat weird) desire to talk a lot about cycling helmets, I go (for example) to a specially quarantined thread normal people can avoid like the plague if they wished to do so.. It's the difference between going to church, and bothering random bystanders on the street with your religious beliefs, really. So you can stop emulating butt-hurt now.
Some of you Bare-Headers come to this thread to whine and complain about strangers on the street, violating most social norms to yell at you. You stick out your bottom lip and pout about how mistreated you are by random strangers, in the real-life world. You equate those people from your real-life world with anyone in this thread who chooses to wear a helmet.
You are not, as you claim, coming here to discuss helmets. You are coming here to express how people you've encountered, (who have no connection to anyone on this forum) have hurt your feelings. Luckily, my butt-hurt is just an emulation.
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