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Originally Posted by WalksOn2Wheels View Post
Wow, people still rock this thread, huh?

Well, I have evolved to the point that I wear a helmet when I'm riding on the road because, you know, idiots in cars. But when I'm in "pedestrian" mode, either sidewalk for whatever reason or a paved dedicated path, I can go with or without it. I know it's not a magic bullet, so I don't pretend I'm invincible. I'm always interested in surviving every bike ride.

I think helmets are a good idea. I encourage people who want to ride aggressively on the street to use them. If you don't want to wear a helmet, I do not care. But DO NOT sit around and tell me a bunch of bull**** reasons for not wearing one and how wearing one is "actually more dangerous" and all other sorts of "propaganda." I work at a shop and we get these guys from time to time. I don't even engage them. They're the sort that are mostly talking to hear themselves speak anyways. Hence the bulk of these 300+ pages, I guess. (Says the guy who typed up a bunch of stuff other people don't want to read.)
Ha, I believe I have been saying that for years.... It's the main reason I'm still here...
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