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Originally Posted by WalksOn2Wheels View Post
Wow, people still rock this thread, huh?
People still rock this thread because it's obviously fun to argue about, and ammunition is constantly being supplied and resupplied. Take the rest of your post. Here is how I would respond if I wanted to engage:

Well, I have evolved to the point that I wear a helmet...
Stop right there. You mean those who don't wear a helmet haven't evolved? We're lesser creatures? Them's fightin' words, Tex.

when I'm riding
at least you're riding. Often, non-riders – civilians, we'll call them – enter the fray in comment sections and letters to the editor. How dare they! Alas, they dare, further swelling the ranks of the pro-helmet faction till those of us who await Darwin's swift justice feel all but surrounded.

on the road because, you know, idiots in cars.
Not everybody will interpret your shorthand the way you desire. Some will quote that study or provide personal anecdotes which show that "Idiots in cars" tend to actually drive closer when you're wearing a helmet. Others will point out that a 'plastic hat' is unlikely to be efficacious when crunched under wheel.

But when I'm in "pedestrian" mode, either sidewalk for whatever reason or a paved dedicated path, I can go with or without it.
The nuanced approach favored by, at last count, 20.46% (JB, there's your chance) in the poll. While theoretically this leaves you with a boot in both camps, it also makes you vulnerable on both flanks. If you come a cropper sans lid you will get no sympathy from the civilian whose dog leash you just got tangled in, or the hardcore helmeted; by wearing one at least part time, you aid and abet the forces of compulsion and advertise cycling as dangerous, or at least more dangerous than walking or driving (in which case see my own post upthread on the equal opportunity all forms of locomotion have to mess you up).

I know it's not a magic bullet, so don't pretend I'm invincible. I'm always interested in surviving every bike ride.
More nuance, but you're preaching to the choir [tiring momentarily of the war metaphor]. All us dumb brutes are interested in survival, if only to live to post another day.

I think helmets are a good idea. I encourage people who want to ride aggressively on the street to use them.
Wait for it…

If you don't want to wear a helmet, I do not care.
Awww, but you do care, else you wouldn't "encourage".

But DO NOT sit around and tell me a bunch of bull**** reasons for not wearing one and how wearing one is "actually more dangerous" and all other sorts of "propaganda."
You probably don't need to be informed that "bull**** reasons" and "propaganda" are, as arguments go, duds without the power to harm, so I won't insult you.

I work at a shop and we get these guys from time to time. I don't even engage them.
This is smart. You don't want to alienate customers.

They're the sort that are mostly talking to hear themselves speak anyways.
So you're just collateral damage.

Hence the bulk of these 300+ pages, I guess. (Says the guy who typed up a bunch of stuff other people don't want to read.)
Sometimes, very occasionally, once in a blue moon, people take the trouble to actually read what you've written. Isn't it nice when that happens?


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