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Originally Posted by DTownDave22 View Post
I ride in suburban roads and in a less bike-friendly metropolitan area. It helps, with more automobile traffic, to have a mirror, and I like helmet mirrors for a few reasons. What I’m looking for in input is:

1.) Mirror recommendations for a vented helmet (min is a Trek brand helmet 106_3979.jpg Photo by DJBucs2005 | Photobucket) Here is an album, if extra pictures would be helpful Trek Helmet Exterior Photos by DJBucs2005 | Photobucket (first should probably suffice).

2.) Input about securely mounting a helmet mirror to a helmet.

What I’ve gathered from looking at various threads: I’d say about 90% of the posts I see don’t give much depth at all about those key variables. All most posts say, essentially are: “I like x mirror, it’s been great.” Some are helpful, but may leave out key information I’m looking for. I’d rather get more input to weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision than to just buy different mirrors (don't have a lot of money) and hope they work, with no to limited input. I know it's "just a mirror" but I find it helps with safety, gives greater peace of mind, and I can again, avoid wasting money on a mirror that may not work out.

NOTE: To save my time and your time, I am not interested in receiving input in this particular thread about the following:

1.) Your experience/opinion about not using a mirror
2.) That I should try a handlebar mirror or sunglass/eyeglass mirror
3.) Anything else not regarding a helmet mirror, its function, performance, or secure mounting.

My experience with the 3rd Eye Pro Helmet Mirror

With that said, I picked up a 3rd eye pro helmet mirror from a LBS at least about 2-4 years ago and have been using it since. Like many people, you may have found it to be a little sub-standard in one key area—mounting security, if you have used one more long-term (at least a year). It is not really designed for the vented type of helmet. Does it work OK? It’s not bad. The mounting system is again, not really designed for such helmets I use and want to finally try something different.

What I’d like in a helmet mirror

Secure mounting: I’d rather avoid tape, glue, etc. and using one or more of snapping the mount body onto a helmet, zip ties, velcro, etc., as the main way to secure a mirror to some place on a helmet (helmet body, visor). If I do use tape or the like, I'd prefer it as much more supplemental, but again, would rather not use it.

High quality/durability of the overall product:
I also don’t want to worry about the actual mirror falling off, as I’ve read others mention about helmet mirrors. So if you either rarely use your helmet/mirror (say an hour a month) or have less than a year of use as opposed to more long-term usage, then make that note. If there is a particular mirror or mirrors you’ve used and found them to be problematic, share that please.

Adjustability to an extent: Mirror shapes and placement points on various helmets may vary enough to render a helmet mirror not as effective if it lacks as much adjustability as other mirrors. Ultimately, I’d like the mirror angle to have enough adjustability to work on virtually any helmet.

What would also be nice, but not necessary

Adjustable arm angle: Not necessary, but would be nice. A mirror that can remain on the helmet and stored in a backpack if need be, for commuting for example. This is not something I need often, but one nice feature of the 3rd eye pro helmet mirror is that it can rotate near the mounting area, just below on a swivel, to create a different angle. Here are some pictures that show the mirror more flush with the helmet. 106_4126.jpg Photo by DJBucs2005 | Photobucket 106_4123.jpg Photo by DJBucs2005 | Photobucket

Thanks for your time!
Just lose the helmet and you won't have to worry about the mirror. just my .02 worth.
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