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Originally Posted by WalksOn2Wheels View Post
But DO NOT sit around and tell me a bunch of bull**** reasons for not wearing one and how wearing one is "actually more dangerous" and all other sorts of "propaganda.
I'm sure there are people who don't wear a bicycle helmet, because they think the moon is made of cheese. Now that would be a BS reason, but AFAICT most of the lidless II'm sure this includes a part-time lidless like yourself) have perfectly valid reasons to not wear a helmet. That you don't think these're valid reasons, is of little importance. Also, I don't see a lot of people arguing that helmets make things more dangerous, it's more that possible (and often plausible) drawbacks of helmets are pointed out. The lidless who actually tries to coerce people to stop wearing helmets, is a rare beast. Unlike all the people who want to coerce or even force people to comply to their beliefs and customs around Magical Foam Hats.

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