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My little web empire

OK. First of all, this is me

back before most of my hair turned white from London traffic. (Not really. I love cycling in Babylon/The Big Smoke/The Great Wen.) I was born American, but have lived here since the queen was a lass of 70.

This is the first website I ever made. It's nothing flashy, but it got a decent review in the broadsheets. It's full of stories about cycling, written by lots of folks. Though it's no longer updated, it still quietly sits there, 14 years after launch and counting. You might try your hand at 20 Questions. It's easy; I've already supplied answers.

This is a forum I used to run, which I later converted into a blog, also no longer active. It too sits quietly full of words and pictures and useful forms.

This took over. (It was mostly a software thing, though note the name change.) Stop by to see my gallery of commanders in chief.

Finally, this is a garden variety blog about nothing in particular. Check if I was right about your horoscope.

That about wraps it up, except for a sad footnote: that bike was later stolen thanks to the joke of a cable lock on the down tube.

Oh, and 905?
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