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Originally Posted by CarinusMalmari View Post
Reflexes, instincts and all the other evolved innate behavioral/motoric stuff, will manifest itself spontaneously without any form of learning or training. for example, if falling techniques were a natural reflex/instinct, we would be doing judo rolls and parachute landing falls spontaneously by the time we were toddlers or so. We don't. So despite all the martial arts guru mumbo jumbo, it's not already there, you have to learn it. In an extra twist of irony, I know enough about falling techniques to know many involve active suppression of one of your innate "falling techniques" which would be the reflex to break your fall with your arms.
All incorrect, and in this context it's still obvious that you have no knowledge or experience in the techniques in question. Else you'd know better.

Nor the science involved including evolution. Just stop

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