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Originally Posted by CarinusMalmari View Post
So what you're saying is that the knee-jerk reflex is actually the result of training, and that birds fly south in winter because they learn that in school? Because if what I say is all incorrect, both instinct and reflexes are the result of some form of training or education.
No, I'm saying that skills do not manifest spontaneously, even those for which we have evolved the instinct and capability (as first written). And that everything you wrote about the falling and rolling skills was incorrect.

Originally Posted by CarinusMalmari View Post
Well, please enlighten me then, Oh Great One. But for some reason I expect you won't, and in that case I (and everyone in his right mind, really) am going to assume because you can't.
They are going to assume that it's not worthwhile for me to do so.

Originally Posted by CarinusMalmari View Post
Pro-tip, you might want to look big words like "science" and "evolution" up before you publicly use them in a sentence.
I don't argue when I suspect Dunning Kruger. Sorry, but I'm done here.
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