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No, I'm saying that skills do not manifest spontaneously,

But then again, we're not talking about skills (at least not in general), but about reflexes and instincts.

even those for which we have evolved the
instinct and capability (as first written).
Instincts are innate "skills" that by their very nature manifest themselves spontaneously. You really should start looking up words now, because this is getting silly. I don't know what the emphasis on the word "capability" is for, but I suspect you don't really understand it either.

And that everything you wrote about the falling and rolling skills was incorrect.
I don't remember I've written a whole lot about "falling and rolling skills". But please enlighten what you're referring to, and what was wrong with it.

They are going to assume that it's not worthwhile for me to do so.
Sure because most people are new on the internet and no one ever encountered the "You are ignorant, I'm an expert, but I'm not going to bother to make an argument" tactic before.

Dunning Kruger.
Isn't that when people declare themselves to be experts, for example in all things falling, but then it turns out that they really overestimate their abilities and all they really are able to is making variations on the (for want of a better word) argument "I'm smart, you are stupid"?

Sorry, but I'm done here.
Is that Dunning Kruger New-speak for "I'm all out of arguments?"

LOL true but when it starts getting ugly no one wants to see it anyway so there's not much point.
Well, when it starts getting ugly for you, you don't want to see it, perhaps, because I'm still as happy as a pig in a mud pool.

I reckon this means we agree I won the internet today?

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