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Originally Posted by gman214 View Post
I have the Safe Zone Mirror. Best purchase since I started biking!

Originally Posted by fietsbob View Post
Safe Zone mirror from EVT uses Zip ties around a helmet rib . Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Originally Posted by Northwestrider View Post
The Safe Zone Mirror is quality, backed up with great customer service. My problem with the mirror and all the others I have tried is one of focal length. I like the idea of a helmet mounted mirror, but I could not get one to work for me. I've also tried the take a look and third eye. The Safe Zone Mirror came the closest to satisfying me. My last club ride, 3 other riders had the Safe Zone Mirror, they all were about my age ( 60 + ) and they all liked it. Just wish I could get used to it.

A few questions:

1.) How do you store your helmets? Upside down, hanging, or right side up? I keep an amber, daytime light on my helmet now since I ride in the roads and like to deviate from my relatively safe route and ride routes that are a little less safe, making such a light a little more warranted. Therefore, storing it upside down is not an option. I find keeping it right side up, on a stack of helmets, seems to work well. It approximates the shape of a head and helps prevent the mirror from hitting against the hard shelf surface I have it and the hats on. Does the Safe Zone mirror cause any problems with bumping against the surface if you are storing it right side up, against the flat surface you are storing it on?

2.) Size: One tradeoff, seemingly so, of this mirror, which I've come across, is the size. Do you ever store it in a backpack or in limited spacing, and if so, does the mirror's arm get compromised (damaged) or just simply needs to be readjusted?

3.) Zip ties: Do the zip ties cause any discomfort on your head and do they keep the mirror stable?

Lastly, regarding your experience with most mirrors, NWRider, I am sorry to hear that. Posts tend to be more concise and short, and I am not entirely familiar with focal length and I just can't comprehend most science. I say that first point regarding conciseness because cycling has several variables, and may vary enough from person to person; you didn't exactly expand and more completely describe what the problem was, especially in non-scientific terms.

If you are riding in heavy traffic, commuting, and ride more destination based as opposed to being able to have more freedom to choose where you ride, essentially, you may be riding in heavier, faster traffic, which I find using a mirror on typical American roads (especially main suburban roads, with 40 MPH speed limits and above, 2 lanes or more) to not really be that sufficient for making quick decisions about judging distance, if for example, you want to make a lane change on such roads when there is a notable but relatively small gap in traffic to make a turn at the upcoming intersection.

I primarily use my mirror as a means of keeping tabs on who's behind me, and will rely on it alone on roads/streets that have less of those risk variables (traffic volume, traffic speed, and lanes). Hope that makes sense and I'm not entirely certain you were talking about judging distance, but my best guess would be it is distance and/or how in focus an object appears to you in your mirror, at least for the initial (but critical, considering you are likely moving, few seconds) when you are switching your own vision from what's in front of you, to the reflected image in your mirror.

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