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I like streets in the city that have narrow lanes, but more than one lane in each direction. I just ride in the center of the right hand lane, and cars can easily pass me by pulling out a little into the adjacent lane. I'm visible enough that they can see me when they still have plenty of time to get around me. (Our vehicle code says that cyclists can use the whole lane if it's too narrow to share.)

Heres a street that I commuted on hundreds of times, day and night, with no close calls or motorists getting pissed at me:

Google Maps Street View

(Ignore the construction cones)

Why I like this street:
  • I lived on this street twice, so I'm very familiar with it.
  • It goes to "important places" like downtown, the supermarket, big box stores, work...
  • The narrowness of the lanes means that motorists understand why you're taking the lane instead of hugging the curb.
  • It's easy for motorists to overtake you, meaning they don't get frustrated and make close passes.
  • It isn't exactly pretty, but it is interesting.
  • it easily crosses many choke points such as rivers, freeways and train tracks.

"Think Outside the Cage"

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