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My absolute favorite are the logging roads that somehow got paved here in Oregon back when the timber barons forced the feds to throw a bone to the trucking companies that were hauling out all the trees. Some of them are basically fourteen foot bike paths along rivers that see almost no traffic (spotted owl issues curtailed the logging until recently). I've ridden over 150 miles at a stretch without being passed by a motor vehicle on these roads.

My second favorite roads have nothing much to do with the roads. I make a habit of counting the number of motorists that overtake me and also the number of cyclists I encounter when I'm out riding. Two weeks ago, I was riding near my old home-town of Davis, CA. It was just a normal Saturday morning 100 km ride, but I had forgotten how wonderful it is to see so many other people doing the same thing. I counted 140 other cyclists from the end of town until we got back to town and 35 cars passed us. To make matters better, every one of those cars went all the way over into the oncoming lane to pass and they all waited until the coast was clear to do the pass.

We did the same ride a few days earlier and saw a smaller number of cyclists (mid-week, mid-day, so only fifty cyclists). On that ride, one car went by a bit too fast in a 45 mph zone. Moments later, a California Highway Patrol car that had been going the other way passed us and then pulled over the speeder. The trooper was writing up the citation as we rolled by. Here in OR, we never see any traffic enforcement, so that was a treat.

I guess my favorite roads are the ones with a high bike/car ratio, even if I'm the only bike, where the motorists behave themselves, likely due to the efforts of law enforcement.

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