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Originally Posted by cooker View Post
I come through this intersection most days although the pavement is rough (the photo doesn’t do it justice). I may have mentioned this anecdote before, and if not, Roody at least will appreciate it. A couple of years ago I noticed an old-style commuter bike spray painted gold and aadorned with flowers locked to one of the bike stands in the park. I went to investigate, and it was Jane Jacobs’s bike placed there as a tribute as she had lived nearby. In fact, many years ago she help block this lovely old neighbourhood from being razed for a freeway.

I also learned through genealogic research that my great grandfather lived in the house immediately to left of my camera position, across the street (not shown) at the time of the 1911 census.

This is Poplar Plains, one of the first bike-striped streets in Toronto, offering a gentle, low traffic route up the Spadina Escarpment, a modest rise that cuts across Toronto just north of downtown.

This picture shows Toronto’s most basic bike facility: recommended routes. These blues signs guide cyclists across the city on a network of comfortable streets – with or without bike lanes or sharrows, etc.
Nice pictures that show how varied bike facilities are, and how unobtrusive when nicely designed. I love old neighborhoods like these. Every place I've lived has been similar.

Any chance you could post a picture of Jane Jacobs' bike for me?

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